Do you like cake?

Do you like cake? Want to socialise with a fun group of women who are interested in issues associated with modern life including arts, crafts, learning new skills, home economics and social welfare? Want to make new friends and meet like minded women from the villages?If so – come along to the planning meeting for a NEW and REFRESHED WI for Puckeridge and Standon and see what it is all about.

Gone is the stereotypical “Jam and Jerusalem” mindset and in comes a fun evening out once a month where you can listen to interesting speakers, learn some fun new talents and of course, eat cake!
The WI plays a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.

In order to get a fresh new WI started we are holding a preliminary meeting on November 6th for anyone who might be interested in joining the group to come along, hear a little more about what the WI is about, share ideas for what activities you would like to do or learn and meet some local people.

Please come along and join us on November 6th at 8.00pm in Roundhaye Lodge, Roundhaye, Puckeridge, Hertfordshire and share your ideas.

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  1. Bernie Keyte (Mr)

    I am a Probation Officer who is taking early retirement to start up an Organisation called Today Onwards. We are a small group of Criminal justice Workers who run Citizenship and Stopping pathways to crimes workshops in Schools and in the local community. I would like to offer to run three workshops free of charge for your members. The reason for this is that I have fond memories of my Grandmother who was an active WI member and I recall attending several meetings with her. I also believe that your members would find our workshops very stimulating and enjoyable. We already provide our workshops to schools but I don’t want to be typecaste into just providing sessions for young people as I believe that our workshops can be and are of equal worth and interest to adults and most particularly those with a thoughful and social conscience such as members of the WI. Our Workshops are not only great fun and enjoyable but also stimulating and thought provoking. The 3 sessions we propose providing free of charge to you are called a) Difficult Dilemmas b) Stopping Pathways to crime and C) You the Sentencer. Feedback from participants has to date been fantastic. Please let us try out our workshops on your members as we have never provided sessions to the WI previously and because we feel confident that you will enjoy our sessions and will be recommending us to other WI groups and to WI HQ. Our sessions nornally last 1.5 -2.00 hours. Please contact me by e mail so that I can send you our latest programme of workshops. We normally charge schools £80 for a one and a half to two hour session and £45 for the same to community groups. Please contact me by e mail : todayonwarcs’ so that I can send you our programme. Look forward to hearing from you. Bernie Keyte

  2. Barbara Norris

    Good Morning – Many congratulations on your proposal to start another WI. However, can I make a small plea about the evening of the month you are proposing. I run the Standon & Puckeridge Embroidery Group and we meet the second Tuesday evening of the month. I was just wondering if there is any chance of you changing your date so that any members of my group could join the WI if they so wished?

    Good Luck.


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