November Monthly Meeting – Chocolate

When we put chocolate into the programme last year, we’d planned to book a speaker to come and teach us about chocolate.   Unfortunately after looking at several companies who either didn’t call us back or were going to charge us hundreds of pounds which a small WI like us couldn’t afford, we had to adopt Plan B.

Fortunately we are a resourceful committee and Vice President Karen came through with a couple of simple recipes (and some delicious tasters at our committee meeting!), and skillfully made batches of truffle mix for our meeting.   All we had to do was scoop out spoonfuls of mix, roll them into balls and then coat them in coconut, vermicelli or cocoa.   She’d even sourced cases and boxes so that we could present them for gifts.
This was one of our favourite meetings to date.   We were all covered in melted chocolate, had a great time chatting and sampling the chocolates (we are very strict on quality control!) and had a far better time than if we’d paid for a speaker.   Everyone went home with the recipes to recreate at home, which I fully intend on doing!

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