October Monthly Meeting – World Food Social

I know it’s December, but I’m using the holidays to catch up on our blog posts for 2016.   It’s been such a hectic year end and I’ve been so busy, our blog has suffered a bit!In October, we held a social event so that members could get to know each other a bit better.   As President, I rarely get to chat in any depth with members as I’m always doing admin and organising the meeting.   As a start for any conversations, we asked members to bring in a food that reminded them of a place they had visited this year, whether that was a Danish pastry, Australian fairy bread or even a Braughing sausage.

We had such a great collection of food.   There were cream scones from Cornwall, American chocolate brownies, Spanish omelette and sangria, French brie, Madeira cake, Greek olives and stuffed vine leaves, and so much more.   The food was fabulous and the company was even better.   I felt that it was an incredibly successful meeting.

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