June Monthly Meeting – Photo walk

Puckeridge WI Photo walk 6Our June meeting caused a bit of a stir in the village when a group of women were spotted roaming around with cameras.   Was Tom Hiddleston expected in Puckeridge?   Were William and Katherine popping down to the Crown and Falcon to avoid the crowds in Cambridge?   No, it was Puckeridge WI out on a photo walk.Puckeridge WI Photo walk 1We started off at the hall and were given a worksheet by Fallon, our expert, giving examples of things to try including close ups, filling the frame and shooting without looking through the viewfinder.Puckeridge WI Photo walk 5Simple every day objects were given the paparazzi treatment and studied in close detail.Puckeridge WI Photo walk 4Even the weather, which earlier had threatened to call the whole event off played ball in the end and helped with the photos, even if there was no chance of getting the lens flare shot ticked off the list.Puckeridge WI Photo walk 3I will never look at a brick wall in the same way again!Puckeridge WI Photo walk 2No matter whether we had a DSLR, a small compact or just a camera phone, we were all able to take part.   Fallon was also helpful answering questions about cameras and pointing out different angles and shots to try.   This was such an enjoyable meeting and one of my favourites so far.   Puckeridge WI Photo walk 7Our next meeting is on 12th July.   For more information, look at our About page and drop us an email to get on our newsletter mailing list.

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