We are Puckeridge WI and we want…

At our first meeting, we asked everyone what they would like to do in their new WI and this is the list.   I definitely want to join if our new committee can organise this lot!

flower arranging



animal charities


  • community garden
  • tree planting
  • local projects

keep fit

local entrepreneurs


  • support of local high streets/businesses
  • women’s issues

local history

computer skills

social media

cookery, food and drink

  • cooking for one
  • jam making
  • Thai cookery or similar
  • whiskey/whisky tasting
  • healthy eating
  • meals in a hurry
  • meals on a budget
  • baking
  • wine tasting
  • cheese tasting
  • nutrition
  • beer making


first aid




creative writing

car maintenance

DIY and home maintenance

book club


arts and crafts

  • card making
  • wood turning/carving
  • watercolours
  • photography
  • knitting
  • jewellery making
  • machine sewing
  • sewing
  • crochet
  • silversmithing
  • seasonal crafts – Christmas wreaths, Easter flowers etc.

out and about 

visit to Denman College

mystery trips

theatre trip

visit to Capel Manor Gardens

summer evening walks

NT visits

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