Our first meeting – 6.11.12

What can I say?   Thank you so much to all the lovely ladies who turned up.   We had a really positive and fun meeting with women of all ages.

First of all, June Smith from Hertfordshire Federation told everyone about the WI, how it started, how it works and how anything is possible.

Then everyone chatted and wrote down their ideas for what they want from their WI while the kettles boiled and the lemon drizzle cake was put out.   Fully refreshed, we had a quiz which made sure everyone had been paying attention to June’s history talk!

As we were winding up, everyone seemed really positive about the meeting and coming again.   This made all the effort we’d put into starting the group up worthwhile.

Looking forward to mince pies on December 11th!

2 Responses to “Our first meeting – 6.11.12”

  1. Jacqui Plummer

    I had hoped to make the first meeting earlier this week but wasn’t feeling great. Just to say that I am pleased that it has obviously received an excellent response! I am really hoping and I’m looking forward to be able to attend the next proposed meeting on 11 December – hoping there are still spaces available?
    Kind regards, Jacqui


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