About Us

Puckeridge WI meets on the second Tuesday of the month in Roundhaye Lodge, Roundhaye, Puckeridge, SG11 1SW. Meetings begin promptly at 8pm and we usually finish around 10pm.

Membership for 2017 costs £39.00, but new members pay pro rata if they join later in the year.   For this you will ‘receive’ eleven meetings a year, WI News the national federation’s magazine, and discounted access to Denman College, offering the WI’s own day and residential cookery, craft and lifestyle courses.   We also run a free to join craft club and film & theatre club.

To contact us please email info@puckeridgewi.org, tweet us on twitter @puckeridgewi, or alternatively visit our Facebook Page

Puckeridge WI is organised by the Committee who are:

Louise Jenkins – President, Media and Newsletter

Yvonne Nice – Treasurer

Emma Tice – Secretary

Karen Pallett – Vice President, Facebook

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