February Meeting Round Up

The meeting on Tuesday 12th February was a busy one!  Not only did we have a guest speaker but we also had lots of business to go through, cake to eat and to top it off, a pancake tossing challenge!


The theme of the evening was ‘Work Life Balance’ and Kim Mangelshot from eKuiLibriuM encouraged us to analyse the different areas of our lives and also take up more exercise.  Kim started off by telling us that inactivity kills more people than smoking which was a slogan used during the Olympics.  She encouraged us to use the “5ps” in order to stop putting off the changes we wish to make in our lives and proceed with the goals we set ourselves.  She also told us that 47% of our time during a day is spent in front of an electronic device and by taking just 30 minutes a day exercise we can be fit for life.  A happy heart keeps everything else in balance.

Kim also encouraged us to use a ‘Wheel of Life’ to analyse how happy we are with certain areas of our lives.  By giving areas such as ‘money’ or ‘health’ a number then joining up into a circle, we can work out how ‘smooth’ our wheel is.  It was a good way to visualise what areas we need to work on and what achievements could make you happier.

After enjoying tea and cakes (everything in moderation!), the second part of the evening was led by Puckeridge WI president, Victoria Heath who took us through some of the items discussed at the committee meeting at the end of January including fundraising ideas, the possibility of some specialist groups eg walking group and some of the planned events for the rest of the year.  There were also handouts for the WI bulb scheme and our very first newsletter.  Please see the record of the meeting or the committee meeting minutes for more details.

The highlight of the meeting came at the very end, when two teams of five had a pancake tossing relay.  The winning team were able to score 54 ‘flips’ in 3 minutes.


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