October Monthly Meeting – In The Pantry

Ian Waller visited in October and gave his talk about the story behind the well known food  brands you find in your cupboards.

He told us about how Cadbury started making chocolate Easter eggs in 1875, and how Dairy Milk didn’t appear until 1905.

Many of the food brands also issued collectibles such as the Robertson’s Jam golly badges, the Brooke Bond tea cards and the Huntley & Palmer ornate biscuit tins, all of which could be worth money on eBay!

Keen & Co made mustard and were bought up by Colmans, but that’s where the phrase “as keen as mustard” comes from.

Ovaltine was invented by a Swiss chemist by mistake.   Leslie Crowther was the first Ovalteenie on Radio Luxembourg and Edmund Hilary drank Ovaltine on Mt Everest.   It was named in honour of the Oval Cricket Ground.

Young’s Seafood was started by Elizabeth Young in 1805 in Leigh, Essex, where the world’s largest deep sea fishing fleet was based at the time.   It wasn’t until 1946 that the frozen food plant opened in Grimsby.

Lots of the brands have been swallowed up by the likes of Kraft Foods, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble and Unilever now, but a few independents still remain.

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