September Monthly Meeting

Our first meeting back after the Summer break was a little quieter than usual with a few members missing. The meeting was led by Vice President, Louise Jenkins who began the meeting with a round up of business and topics discussed at the most recent committee meeting. It was a chance to reflect upon Puckeridge WI so far and what we would like to happen in the future.

Members were asked to fill in a form stating their preference for the raffle (how many prizes and the cost) and to select their top three topics for meetings in 2014—it has been surprising how varied these choices have been!

There was also some discussion of the Autumn/Winter meal out which will take place in November. We hope The Anchor will provide good food at a reasonable cost.
After tea and cake, which looked particularly delicious this week, the meeting continued with a quiz night prepared by Kirsten Walker. There were 10 rounds planned but we didn’t manage to get through them all, so these questions will be saved for a future date. Popular rounds included ‘The Royals’, ‘crafts’ and the picture round where members had to guess the celebrity just by looking at their eyes.

The questions were, at times, light hearted and there was lots of laughs. Congratulations to the winners who were called Buns and Roses.



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